Miracle rings for pastors and prophets call +27835805415


Miracle rings for pastors and prophets call +27835805415

  • Starts:
  • Aug 28 2023
  • 5:30PM
  • Ends:
  •  Aug 28 2023
  • 8:45PM
Toronto, ON, Canada
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Are You A Pastor The ...... will provide Healing Powers to all manner of sicknesses and diseases, deliverance from satanic manipulations, pe


Are you in a business of church or in ministering why am I calling it business the reason is nowadays it is really a business? Have you ever asked your self why do other prophets or pastors able to perform miracles yet you all use the same book (Holy Bible) and in most cases, you know it better than him? Why are they able to heal the sick, make lame walk, make the blind see, make the deaf hear, and many others miracles. Have ever approached one of them and ask him, Man of God, how are you able to do this and I know the answer they always give has belief in God he will send the holy spirit to you too and do the same and you remain in disguise. Yes, you will remain in disguise because he won't and will never tell you the secret behind his prosper. Ask your self why do most of them in competition yet they all serve God or why others are so close to each that means they share a common secret.

Now my point is are you willing and ready to be like them if yes call now or WhatsApp me today.

I know you will ask much but I have explained some here so call for an appointment, not for questions

Gain that step they think they are ahead of you and you either reach their level or go beyond there level but not behind them. Start to perform miracles gain more congregation (more people in the church) so that is what I call business because every business is after more people.

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